WordPress or HTML: Which one is the best?

Do you want to make your own website? If you do, you have a lot of choices to make. First of all, do you want to make the site yourself? Or do you want to hire a professional? And do you want to make use of a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or do you want to build your site with HTML? Both these questions are related. In this article we give the answers that you need. Also, we will show which on is best: WordPress or HTML. Or are they both just as good?

WordPress and HTML both have advantages

The true answer is that they both can be the best tool, it all depends on your preferences and the website that you want to create. If you have no experience in coding, and if you want to build your own site, then you should choose WordPress. Even newbies without any skills can easily make a website with this CMS. If you use the help of professionals, you don’t necessarily need to use WordPress. However, it’s still helpful if you want to be able to make changes yourself. Still, HTML also has some advantages. Read this article to learn more!

Pros and cons of WordPress

Since WordPress is a content management system, they are very user-friendly. You don’t have to be a great computer-nerd to use this. Everybody can do it. It’s very effective and therefore really popular. 30% of all the websites on the internet are running on WordPress. It’s really well-known. Even very large and famous companies like MTV or The New York Times use WordPress. This illustrates that WordPress is not a tool only use by amateurs. Everybody can enjoy the services of WordPress and get something out of it.

There are two different versions of WordPress

WordPress has two different versions, so don’t confuse the two. On the one hand you have WordPress.com which is a self-hosted version. This one is a little bit easier to use, although you have less options. WordPress.org is open-source. There are a lot of excellent and different plugins and themes. You should choose this version if you can choose your own domain and sign up for a webhosting service. But what are the pros?

WordPress is very easy to use, even for the beginner

First of all, as we already told you, WordPress is very easy to use. You don’t need any skills or coding knowledge. The installation lasts only 5 minutes, so this is very fast. They provide you with an excellent user interface. You can create content and pages, change the appearance and improve SEO (search engine optimalization).

A lot of different plugins and themes

The huge advantage is that WordPress is very customizable. You have a lot of different plugins; you can use these if you want to add some functionality to your website. These plugins already exist, you just need to install them and connect them to your website. There are also a lot of themes that you can use to change the appearance and the feel of your website. There are a lot of other people with the same preferences as you. So, you can enjoy their work and the plugins they have already built.

WordPress is always developing and improving

Because WordPress is open-source it’s always improving and expanding. It’s possible for everyone to contribute to WordPress. It’s possible to create your own plugins and themes. But a lot of people also use their experience to fix bugs and other issues. This open-source method and the community around WordPress have helped it to expand to the enormous platform it is today.

Does WordPress have any cons?

Of course, there are also some things about WordPress that could be better, the downsides. Websites that run on WordPress are a little bit slower, than the ones which are built with HTML. Especially when you use a lot of plugins and themes you have to look out that your website doesn’t become very slow. There are special software programs that make sure that this doesn’t happen. You also can’t create everything you want; you have to find the right plugin or theme. If you want to create something for yourself, you have to know something about PHP and MySQL. These are the programming languages where WordPress is built upon. Or if you know something about the scripting languages like JavaScript and CSS or HTML, you can also achieve a lot.

The other con that is associated with WordPress is that you have to take care of your website sometime. There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues and you should check this from time to time. Therefore, everything should be up-to-date. Sometimes it’s a solution to use a hosting service. This way you also help to make your website secure.

What are the pros and cons of HTML?

HTML also has some good and bad aspects. Read this information carefully to see if a website built with HTML suits you. HTML is a markup language. You use HTML together with JavaScript and CSS. JavaScript makes the website interactive. CSS has more to do with the visual aspects. Technically only JavaScript is a real programming language. The pros of HTML are that there is less need for backups. So, there is way less maintenance. If you use HTML, you have way more control and can customize almost everything. This is because you build the website from scratch. Therefore, it’s easier to adjust the code. Another benefit, HTML uses fewer resources. Therefore, you can use a cheaper server, it doesn’t need a PHP or MySQL server. Furthermore, HTML is safer. Because it’s a lot more difficult to hack this tool. There are also some cons. It’s not beginner-friendly at all. Also, you have higher maintenance costs. Because you need to pay a developer to make changes.   

So, what should you choose?

You should decide for yourself which one suits you and your personal situation the best. Use our article to make the right decision.